Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mother's Day Made Easy....

One of my favorite things to do with my daughter is bake or cook. She loves it and I love doing it with her. I think this is a great way to prepare and celebrate for mothers day. Most of us make dinner plans, have a family supper, or have a momma supper. I found a couple of great recipes that can be made for the special day that are easy for the kids to help out! You might even make them for nanny for Mother's Day!

The first one comes from . Its the "Cool Cake for Mom"!

This is a no bake, no fuss, so simple Dad could make it, kind of cake!

The second recipe is a simple Breakfast in bed For Mom from

Tip: Get some heart shaped cookie cutters and let the kids turn it into a masterpiece.

The third recipe is a batch of yummy Chocolate Cupcakes from

The best thing about cupcakes is you can makes a big batch and have some for the Mother in Law, Nanny, and Mom!

Tip: Let the kids do the decorating! Use icing to mark a big letter "M" on them and call them "M is for MOM Cupcakes"

Cooking with your kids is a great way to bond, have a good time, and fill your stomach with yummy treats.

Cooking with kids helps...
-Build self esteem
-Teach reading, math, and science skills
-Encourage children to try new things. If they help make it they will be more inclined to try it!
-Kids understand different cultures. Try cooking a dish from another country!
-Encourages creativity. No one said you have to stick to the recipe!
-Kill two birds with one stone. You spend time with kids and have supper cooked or yummy treats!


  1. I love the cool cake for mom I wish someone would make it for me!

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  3. What a great idea for a cake...I'm going to pass this on to hubby.
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  6. o my goodness these all look soooo tastey! so, how were they? lol... i'm following you from mbc under 100 club, stop by anytime and say "hi" and feel free to bring a cupcake or two! lol