Sunday, April 26, 2009

What have your kids taught you?

"While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about."
--Angela Schwindt

This is one of my favorite quotes. For me this is true for my own children and the children I teach in the classroom. I'm constantly teaching my children to help them grow into becoming the best person they can possibly be. I teach them with lessons, examples, experiences, and most importantly love. While i feel confident I'm doing the best job as a parent, I know that what they have taught me by far out weighs what I could ever teach them. They have taught me the importance of family and friends, that love is always unconditional, and the value of a mistake! They have taught me life is not about the amount of money you spend but the amount of time you spend, that the simplest thing can be the greatest thing, that kisses and cuddles can solve lots of troubles, its not about how dirty the clothes are but how much fun they had getting them dirty, that the good times far outweigh the bad, that life without my children isn't a life I want at all!
In the Classroom I'm suppose to be their to teach them but what they don't always know is that they are constantly teaching me! Simply put!

Sometimes we don't realize that we are even teaching our children or that our children are teaching us! The simplest thing can have the greatest lesson and impact of all!

What have your kids taught you??


  1. My daughter has taught me not to take things for granted, that time is of the essence, miracles are real and that my life really does have a purpose.

  2. my children taught me all about unconditional love! i have one who is special and one with special needs and i wouldn't trade either of them in for anything in the world! happy monday!
    shelley <3

  3. aww im so glad I made this post and got hear the great things your children have taught you! There is nothing better than being a parent! Its the greatest and most important job in the world!