Saturday, April 11, 2009

Homework Hassle!

As a teacher and after a long conversation with my best friend who has a school age child, I have come to realize how controversial the issue of homework has become. Recently in our province new homework regulations have come into place. The policy states “guidelines for Kindergarten students are roughly ten minutes, primary 30 minutes, elementary 40, intermediate an hour, and high school students one to two hours. Further more, homework should not be assigned over holiday breaks and cannot be assigned as a form of discipline."
Do you like or dislike? Would you want this policy in your area?
As a teacher the number one complaint of parents and students is either to much homework or how frustrated parents are with trying to get their children to do homework without a fight! I have developed a homework contract that is a great method and step in creating a less frustrating homework experience.
The homework contract will:
--make children/students accountable
--make children/students feel that they have had a say or control over the way homework will be done
--provide structure and routine
--provide positive reinforcement
--provide written documentation of your agreement
--allows you to customize it to individual child's needs
Go ahead, give it a try and reap the rewards!
--give structure to

--Allow child to come up with rewards and penalties.
--Try and give one day homework free. Kids will love this and it gives them a free day to look forward too.
--Agenda or planners can be a parent and teacher's best friend.
--Communicate with teacher so you are aware of assignments.



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  2. What a great idea! This is Cherrie of I'm A Hot Mom following you from MBC Follow Me Club.

  3. Hi, Jennie- Love this post about using a homework contract!! It's great to give kids some control!! They are much more apt to buy in!! I was a middle school counselor for a number of years and found it much more effective when I got the kids to contribute to academic/behavioral contracts!

    Thanks for stopping by Toddler craft!! Your blog is great and I look forward to reading more!!

  4. Interesting. I grew up in Manitoba, but currently live in the U.S. - Our daughter attended public school until 6th grade and then we decided to homeschool her.

    Are those homework time frames maximum hours that a child in those age brackets should get or an every day number that they are getting? That would change my perception on the issue. If it is a required every day amount, I feel that is way too much, if it is a maximum amount, depending on whether the class time has been used wisely I wouldn't have a problem with it.

  5. Those are maximum times that the teacher can perscribe. Im glad to see that this post has people really talking! Homework is such a big issue with parents, teachers, and students. When this first came into effect in our province my questions is how they are going to regulate or enforce this policy...Its only new right time will tell!