Sunday, April 19, 2009

Earth Week Challenge!

Its Earth Week! April 19-25 & Earth Day is April 22nd. Going green and being Eco friendly is they way to go! So for this week we are going GREEN and I challenge you to go GREEN too! Each day this week I will post a great idea or tip you can use to become GREENER! I Challenge you to do as many as possible! :)

Lets begin with CHALLENGE # 1:

Earthy Crafts:

Any day this week or from now on do crafts that involve recycling at least one object!

-Turn a egg carton cup into a insect or your favorite animal.

-Use a empty coffee tin to create a planter.

-Paint a rock to make a paper weight.

-Use a milk carton to make a bird feeder.

-Take an old plastic container or tub and decorate it to make a recycling bin.


  1. Great job with the challenge! I have been doing the Earth Hour to Earth Day Challenge for 24 days now... feel free to stop by my blog, hit the TreeHugger button and steal some ideas.