Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day Challenge # 5

With the latest GREEN movement their has become a large abundance of reusable products available and products that were already available are gaining popularity.

-Grocery/shopping bags/tubs
-Coffee mugs/cups
- Napkins
- Christmas trees
-Water bottles
-Zip lock baggies
and many many many more!

The green tubs in the picture above are ones I just got. After purchasing $60.00 in groceries you get one Free and then they $4.99 after that. These are available at Dominion. I love them!

I found a few great sites that have some really awesome ideas for helping moms go green.

I Challenge you to start using reusable items instead of disposable!


  1. Hi SITSta...great blog! Stopping by from MBC to follow and say hi :)

  2. Hello from the Under 100 board. Great tips! I've finally found the only way to get myself to remember to use my canvas grocery bags - get the bright red Target ones and put them in my passenger seat - then I can't miss 'em.

  3. those bins are great and I love the reusable baggies I saw some really cute ones over at . obento boxes with rubber cubcake holders are a good way to go green with kids lunches too