Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Earth Day Challenge #4

Happy Earth Day!

Without trees, plants, flowers, and other vegetation many living creatures would not survive.

I challenge you to grow or plant something!

You may plant or grow:

All make a huge difference!


  1. Love your post. Happy Earth Day!!

  2. Happy Earth Day!! Today Sweet Baby and I did the Green Share {www.ecoetsy.com} project, and handed out 8 planters with Seed Packets to local businesses, friends & family! Yesterday was Garbage pick up day, we went to the local parks and picked up all the garbage! I am on our school's School Commity, and suggested that we get out town involved in a Clean Up The Town Day. We are having this on May 2nd. Very excited about this!

  3. Thats so awesome guy! Glad your following! Happy Earth Day. We planted a pea garden, picked up some trash, and i went out and bought some canvas grocery bags yesterday! Im feeling GREEN. lol

  4. Happy Earth Day!
    It's crazy here, too, with our week-long TV-Turn off/Power Down Week.

    I'll be visiting again.

    Thanks for the follow.


  5. Hi. Saw that you visited the "mansion" thougt I would visit you as well. I love your blog. I am considering going back to work (teaching) next year. I am looking forward to reading about all of your wonderful ideas. Thanks. Laura