Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Earth Day Challenge #3

Going GREEN saves our environment and can actually save you money at the same time!

The province of B.C released a report showing the savings that are possible if you become more green conscious. These are some of the ideas suggested:

1. Turn down your thermostat 5 degrees saves you 10 per cent of your home heating costs

2. Caulk and weather strip your doors and windows saves you up to 25 per cent of your heating costs

3. Switch to a low-flow showerhead saves you $175 to $190/year

4. Use the warm/cold cycle for laundry instead of hot/hot saves you up to $28.66/year

5. Replace five standard light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs saves you about $30/year

6. Avoid aggressive driving (fast starts, hard stops, etc.) saves you up to 37 per cent of your fuel costs

7. Reduce highway speed by 10 km/hr saves you up to 10 per cent of your fuel costs

8. Use vehicle air conditioning sparingly, and not in stop and go traffic save you up to 20 per cent of your fuel costs
So I challenge you to save yourself some money and make a difference to our earth by doing any or all of the above!

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